By Patty D'Alessio

Permanent Cosmetics

                 Permanent Cosmetics in Port Orange


Tired of penciling your eyebrows, no hair, over waxed or tweezed? Have no worries; you will have beautiful eyebrows to wake up to every day.

Color will be added to create a more natural brow, shaped to your liking.  Your eyebrows will be designed to enhance your natural features; permanently. Permanent makeup will save you time and money – no more costly eyebrow pencils.


Having permanent eyeliners will allow you to swim, be active and ready for your day to begin. Permanent eyeliner will enhance and make your lashes appear thicker. You can also add color for a more dramatic look. Permanent eyeliner lasts every day for years to come!

Lip liner/Full Lips

Permanent Cosmetics are the perfect solution for uneven lips and enhancing the color of the lip. You can change your lip color at any time or just use a lip gloss. You will see a significant difference with a lip liner or a full lip color.

 Services and Fees

The artistry of permanent cosmetics is extremely personalized and unique for each individual. The popularity of permanent cosmetics is perfect for the busy and active women in today’s world. Pricing for our services are tailor made and affordable for everyone’s budget.

SUMMER SPECIAL:Two friends come together and you can split my special of $299 and each can have a service done.

*We accept debit cards and all major credit cards.

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